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07 / APR / 2016
We have had to deal with some delays in the recording process as you may have noticed, but all instrument recordings should be done by the end of this month. Then the shaping and building of a work begins - a process that under no circumstances can be dictated by rational planning. It will take as long as it takes. We are not in this for any other reason than to build a resonant reflection of what we feel that needs to be communicated. We understand that releasing information about an upcoming album leads to expectations and questions - please be patient. We are positive that you understand that DODECAHEDRON is not a band that is going to release an album every other year, and neither are we the type of people that are going to keep you updated weekly about completely irrelevant events. We are working on it, and it's going to be more fundamental and narrowed down than what we have released before. When we have news, you will hear about it. Thank you for your support.
28 / JAN / 2016
Netherlands Deathfest, Saturday February 27th, 013 second stage, 20:10 - 20:50.
We will be playing one new song.
19 / JAN / 2016
A little studio update (in Spanish).
19 / JAN / 2016
About Tilburg and their metal scene.
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